Vitas Luckus advocated a style in much of his work in which there was no hierarchy of meaning: every element in the composition was of equal importance. To him, only then was it possible to capture the “truth” and represent the essence of a scene and of life itself.

His fascination with photography from a young age provided him with an artistic outlet to express his rebellious refusal to adhere to the conventional standards of beauty, regulations which were firmly guarded by the Lithuanian government at the time.  Throughout much of his life, he experienced a series of ongoing confrontations with the authorities because of  his “controversial” images.

This site is dedicated to presenting some of his best work. Many of these images have been on display at exhibitions and museums around the globe. Each of the photographs here are reproduced from his original work and negatives. The collection has been lovingly curated by his wife Tanya so that the world can share his vision of beauty, everyday life and the struggle of the human spirit.